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Vibrant 02 :Outside In

Vibrant Fields team further investigates ways of measuring and representing climatic effects and energy flows in this exhibition as part of Bratislava Design Week. With the developed sensory tools for capturing the energy flows an energy footprint of the space is projected on the ceiling of the baroque exhibition space located in the Múzeum mesta Bratislavy.

Various forms of visualizing and displaying energy flows are used to provide an accessible and graspable experience in the realm of energy. Ranging from a series of real-time projections and to shape-changing wax sculptures reacting to the changing climate inside the exhibition space, the exhibition documents the changes of the energy levels in two different time frames.

While the projections react to the changes immediately and visualize these in digital paintings in real-time, the wax sculptures designed by the students of ITI at TUWien, are deforming slowly and documenting the interior temperature changes in a longer time frame.

For the preparations of the exhibition, the exhibition space was scanned using photogrammetry. This model was used as the basis of the visualizations, mapping the energy information as slices of this model.

Discrepancies of the 3dscan was also used as a design driver for the projections. Glitches in these scans were interpreted as noise into the projection mapping.

Project Team:

Zeynep Aksöz Balzar

Mark Balzar

Alexander Karaivanov

Galo Moncayo Asan

Wax Sculptures were designed and fabricated by:

Matthias Heytmanek

Marcel Janisch

Vilmos Toth


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