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Vibrant 01: Versatility

Exhibition at Vienna Design Week

In this exhibition, the research team Vibrant Fields at the University of Applied Arts Vienna in collaboration with Department of Structural Design and Timber Engineering in TU Wien created an exhibition for Vienna Design Week that explores the transience of energy by artistic means.

Vibrant Fields team developed an artificially constructed micro cosmos of different indoor climatic zones inhabited by natural and artificial agents to observe and visualize their interaction and reaction to visitors during the Vienna Design Week.

Varied forms of visualizing energy flows was chosen ranging from a series of real time projections and to shape changing wax sculptures reacting to the changing climate inside the exhibition space.

The exhibition space was equipped with specially designed sensory apparatuses to sense and record energy flows in different locations of the space. The graphics projected on the walls of exhibition space visualize real time changes of the internal climate providing information about different streams of energetic data.

The aim of this exhibition is to provide general public with a representation of energy flows using an artistic language rather than conventional data visualization techniques.

Several projectors were installed in the space visualizing two distinct flows of information generating an interactive artwork, visualizing different streams of sensor data. The first projection was visualizing sensor data such as temperature, humidity, as well as different gases in the space visualizing an abstract interactive painting. The second projection was visualizing real time 3d scan of the space overlapped with the surface temperature information.


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